Michelle James' Writes Of Passage

....her life experiences, thoughts & feelings expressed in writing....

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It's a pleasure to see you here! I'm so glad to know that you took the time from your busy schedule to visit my site!

My webpages' title, "Writes of Passage", is a play on words. Simply put, it means that I'm utilizing my God-given gift of writing to convey my thoughts and life experiences, or rites of passage.

Within the pages of this E-book are poetic verses, as well as a chapter from my first publication"A Black Sheep in the Fold."

Much of my writing is inspirational, based on my Christian faith.

Well, I sincerely hope you will sit back, relax and read my "writes" while sipping a cup of your favorite beverage. 

Also, please feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback (whether positive or negative) will be warmly received and greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Be blessed!