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Poems: Life- Related


 Look, O wretched man,

How you’ve hindered God’s plan!

From the beginning of time,

Who knew you’d become slime?

From the dust you were born,

From God’s bosom you’d be torn.

Now the entire human race,

Sits in a state of utter disgrace!


The devil would lie in wait,

And you would fall for his bait.

Yes, he did lie and he did cheat,

It was his ultimate plan of deceit,

To steal, to kill and to destroy.

It was his trick, a real clever ploy,

To put you completely out of the game,

So that your life he would eventually claim


So, in suffering and strife,

And in the loss of a life,

The world now mourns in pain,

Seeking solace once again.

What could be the cure,

To heal hearts that are sore?

What remedy is there,

That would eliminate hatred and fear?


There is only one answer,

To eradicate the disease of sin’s cancer,

Which God in His unconditional love,

Sent by His grace from heaven above.

In the personal image of His Son,

Was this redemptive act done,

To set everyone free,

From sin’s cruel penalty.


Now although Christ bridged the gap,

Today He still gets a bad rap.

Though He gives us a free gift,

From Him many still drift.

Satan still blinds the eyes,

Of those who are worldly and wise.

Yet it will be to their shame,

If they don’t call on Christ’s name.


Yet Jesus still calls,

To each sinner who falls.

His arms open wide,

Inviting each one inside.

To escape the fiery flames of hell,

And with Him eternally dwell.

No more pain, O wretched man,

Here’s your chance: choose God’s plan!

~© 2008 Michelle Antoinette James ~


A great job, a fine car,

How popular you are!

Women at your beck and call,

Ego makes you stand so tall,

Remember: pride goes before a fall!


You take, not give,

What a life you live!

Selfishness reigns supreme,

In your heart you’re really mean,

Remember: what you sow, you glean!


Death comes, too soon,

You thought: I’m immune!

Your wealth and riches are no more,

Your eternal future not secure,

Remember: God’s judgment gavel strikes for sure!

     ~© 2008 Michelle Antoinette James ~