Michelle James' Writes Of Passage

....her life experiences, thoughts & feelings expressed in writing....

Poems: Inspirational


Child of God, you are a masterpiece so fine,
Fashioned by the Master's hands, such a stunning design!
Once you were an ugly lump of clay,
But now, a magnificent vessel in use today.
Carefully crafted,
Royally grafted,
Into the kingdom of God. 

 You’re a work of art; you’re one of a kind,
Made in His image, you are a rare find!
You sparkle with qualities, unique to the world,
Multicolored with talents and skills He’s unfurled.
Specially gifted,
Lovingly lifted,
Into the arms of God.


   ~ ©2008 Michelle Antoinette James ~

My friend, I prayed for you today,

That God would guide your steps, not let you stray;

That He would keep you safe from harm,

That He’d walk with you always, arm in arm.


I prayed for God’s wisdom for your mind,

A valuable necessity for the daily grind.

For patience to endure each hurdle you face,

For tact and diplomacy, for integrity and grace,

For health in body, for strength of frame,

And to maintain your humor in playing your game.


I pray His abundant blessing in your life,

And His gift for you, a complementary wife,

That you’d find in this world peace, joy and love,

For the rest of your days ‘til you meet Him above.


This is my daily prayer for you, my friend,
God be with you always ‘til we meet again.


     ~ ©2008 Michelle Antoinette James ~

Do you always say, “I’ll get back to you”, yet somehow never do?

Or perhaps make an appointment with a friend and never follow through?

Are there days you’ll make a vow that in your heart it’s meant?

Say, for example, emails to be written that are never ever sent?


You’d be labeled, not Promise Keeper, but Quitter, that’s for sure;

Someone who always starts something but gets distracted by a lure.

It’s a common characteristic trait that can be changed forever,

By someone under whose guidance, that trait He can help you sever.


If you humbly allow this Person to give His grace to you,

I promise you’ll see a difference as He lovingly transforms you.

You’ll realize each promise made, you certainly will fulfill,

When you choose to embrace discipline and yield to God’s good will.


  ~ ©2008 Michelle Antoinette James ~