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                          Poem: Black Sheep in the Fold

Black sheep in the fold,

What on earth does your future hold?

Years have come and years have gone

Yet here you are, standing all alone.

Is it the dark color of your skin

Why other sheep won’t take you in?

Or maybe it’s that you’ve grown too old,

You’ve lost your value and can’t be sold.


Black sheep in the fold,

How long have you been left out in the cold?

How does it really make you feel

To know you’re losing your appeal?

Have you ever wondered why

You were born to live but long to die?

Now you’re limping, maimed and bruised,

And wonder if you could still be used.


Black sheep in the fold,

You’ve been made from a different mold.

Your Creator specifically had this done,

So you’d be special like His Son.

See, He was rejected and beaten too,

But He died to prove His love for you.

The Lamb of God, a Good Shepherd is He,

Who paid a dear price to set all His sheep free.


Black sheep in the fold,
Don’t live in fear, let your story be told.

Let others know of your unique skill,

Which your Creator gave you at His will.

Don’t allow others to put you down,

Or let negative circumstances make you frown.

You’re here today as God had planned,

So arise, Black sheep, and take your stand.


©2008 Michelle Antoinette James. All Rights Reserved.


Here's a video clip of the poem being read on YouTube